Over time, as you drive your vehicle, you start to put more mileage on it. This creates more natural wear and tear. You may eventually start to consider the possibility of getting a new vehicle. This will present you with the question: should you sell or trade your car?

If you are considering the decision to sell or trade your car near Miami Gardens, FL, come to Gus Machado Ford. We can offer guidance and help you get the new car you want. Learn more about whether you should sell or trade in this article.

Deciding Whether to Sell or Trade

As you prepare to get a new car, you have to go through the options you have with regards to your current vehicle. You will consider selling or trading the vehicle.

Selling your vehicle is a good choice if you don't need to get a new car right away. By selling the vehicle, you can get the value directly into your pocket and save for something in the future. You can also sell to a dealership, so you don't need to have a buyer lined up right away to complete a sale. The dealership helps to take care of that while helping you get the proper value you for your car.

Trading your vehicle allows you to get the value of the vehicle and apply it to the purchase of a new car. This can help you have a lower down payment or get lower monthly payments on your new vehicle. You may not get as much in return as through a sale, but the value you get in lower monthly payments can be worth it for you.

Use Our Trade Value Tool

If you decide to trade in your vehicle, you want to make sure you are getting fair value toward a new vehicle. This means you should do some research to make sure you know what a fair value is. You can do this step from home.

Our online trade in value tool can help you get more information about the value of your vehicle. This tool allows you to get a value estimate and begin your search for a new vehicle knowing what to expect in return.

After using this tool, you can take the next step in the process and speak to a member of our finance team. We can help you make progress with your search and prepare your options for a trade-in before you visit us at our dealership.

Come to Our Dealership Today

The choice to sell or trade your car near Miami Gardens, Florida, is based on what you need. You can determine how you want to use the value of your vehicle and what new vehicle you want to take home if you decide on a trade.

Come to see us at Gus Machado Ford and work with our team to get a fair value. We look forward to your visit and helping you sell or trade your car.

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