Why is Synthetic Oil More Expensive than Conventional?

If you’ve ever taken your vehicle for an oil change, you will have noticed that synthetic oil is offered for a higher price than conventional oil. We’re sure this must have left you confused, wondering why. We try to shed light on this in this article. After all, car maintenance is a periodic affair and you will soon need to have another oil change performed for your vehicle. You should be ready with more awareness then, helping you make the right oil change choice when it comes to maintaining your car. 

What is the difference between the two?

You’re probably thinking that they’re both oil – so why spend almost double on one variant when you can get the other for cheaper? Yes, it might appear that synthetic oil is a more expensive option, but you’ll discover that in the long run, it actually costs you less than using traditional oil. Why is this? It’s because synthetic oil does not need to be changed as often as traditional oil does in your vehicle. Synthetic oil is refined to be thinner than traditional oil and designed to withstand the temperature and compression in your car’s engine better. 

In addition, synthetic oil is also kinder on your vehicle’s engine and results in lesser wear and tear. So, if you don’t mind paying a little extra upfront for synthetic oil, we recommend you to choose this oil option over the traditional crude type. You will be saving your time, effort, and money if you convince yourself to do this. No more having to remind yourself constantly about changing your vehicle’s oil.

Specific Takeaways

We round up the specific benefits of using synthetic oil for your vehicle here.

It helps prevent deposits and sludge inside your car’s engine due to its thin consistency.

Effects less degradation of your engine when you use your car to tow/lift heavy loads.

It offers improved protection to your car’s engine during the colder seasons.

In conclusion, it can help extend your car’s engine life. 

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Source: Ford