Top 5 Fuel-saving Tips for Your Ford

If you want to improve the fuel efficiency of your Ford and get more value for your money, here are the top 5 best practices to put into action:

Avoid Rough Driving

By going smooth on your accelerator and brake pedals, you can save a maximum of 33% fuel, according to Ford.

Avoid sudden and faster lane-changes. Accelerate and apply brakes slowly. If you want to apply brakes, press the pedals early to avoid braking at great speeds seconds before your destination.

Good driving habits not only save fuel but also improve the lifespan of your vehicle engine, brake system, and tires.

Control the Usage of your Ford’s AC

Your vehicle AC draws power from fuel-powered systems for its operation. If you are using your AC at speeds less than 55mph, then your Ford is going to draw more power, which in turn will lead to more fuel consumption.

If you are driving at speeds above 55mph (highway speed), then switching your AC on is advisable. This is because the engine works more efficiently at higher speeds, which justifies the use of an AC at such speeds.

For speeds below 55mph, switch off your AC and open your windows. This can save up to 15% of fuel.

Drive at Low and Consistent Speeds

Accelerating leads to more gas consumption. Keep your speed low, preferably below 50mph, and maintain the speed consistently. If you are making sudden accelerations to outsmart slow drivers, then you are at risk of accidents as well as higher gas consumption.

Avoid Excess Weight

Do not go more than the recommended weight for your Ford. Loading your Ford’s backseat and trunk can lower vehicle mileage. You can lose up to 4% mileage for every 100 pounds of such extra weight.

Make it a habit to travel light instead.

Do not Keep the Engine Running During Wait Times

Switch off the engine if you are going to wait for 2 minutes or more. Doing so will maximize fuel efficiency, especially for larger engines (6- and 8-cylinder engines).

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