A Step-By-Step Guide to Programming Your HomeLink® Universal Garage Door Opener

The HomeLink Universal Garage Door Opener is one of the easiest and most compatible devices that you can install. It is so easy to do that you do not even require the services of a professional to install them. Here is a complete breakdown of how to program garage door opener.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. A HomeLink Universal Garage Door Opener is to be purchased and then mounted on the garage door. This step is fairly easy and can be readily done at home by yourself.

2. The next step is to locate the Learn button on the HomeLink garage door device. The learn button usually is covered by a protective cap or hub that you must carefully remove to avoid it falling and damaging itself. After it is located, keep the button pressed for 30 seconds in order for it to clear whatever devices it is paired with. Even if you have a new device, it is better to just follow this step. Be careful while doing this as you probably must step on a ladder to get to the garage door device's learn button.

3. Collect all the remotes that you wish to wirelessly pair with the Universal garage door opener. It can be quite cumbersome to repeat this process for remotes, so it is best of all the remotes that need to be paired are already collected before you start linking them.

4. Then you must program each remote by getting the remote close to the learn button on the garage door opener and keeping the learn button depressed while keeping the 'on' button on the remote pressed continuously till you hear a distinct 'click' sound which implies that the remote has successfully paired with the garage door device. Repeat this step for each and every remote that you wish to pair individually. Keep in mind that the 'click' noise indicates the pairing is successful.

5. Afterward, there is no way of undoing the pairing selectively with one remote, and if you must undo the pairing, then you must undo the pairing for all devices and then start over by pairing only the devices you now wish to program garage door opener with.

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