How Often Do I Really Need to Get My Car Serviced?

You need to service your car from time to time to keep it working optimally. Regular car usage subjects your vehicle to wear and tear caused by the weather and other environmental factors. Your car might need an oil change, a fresh coat of paint, or lubrication of its engine parts. Periodic maintenance of your car will extend its lifetime. But how often should you really have your vehicle serviced? Usually, the factory-recommended maintenance schedule handed over to you during your car purchase should give you an idea. In addition, there are also other ways in which you can arrive at an answer to your question.

Check for an In-Vehicle Maintenance Reminder System 

Understanding how often you ought to get your car professionally serviced is easier today. Most vehicles now have an in-built smart system that alerts its user when the time for maintenance is near. A warning light on your car’s dashboard will light up to alert you. Your in-vehicle maintenance reminder system examines the conditions of your vehicle parts and the quality of their operation. If it finds that operations are lagging, they alert the car’s owner via the warning light to take their car for a fluid check/component inspection and other such maintenance services. You can trust this smart reminder system to keep a maintenance schedule for your car, even when you don’t.

Besides alerts by an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system, you might want to change your vehicle’s oil every 12 months as per standard auto-maintenance rules. If you use your car regularly, don’t wait out the 12 months. You are recommended to have your car serviced after you’ve driven it for around 12,000 miles. 

You Need to Find a Quality Vehicle Maintenance Service Provider

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Source: Ford