A Guide to Ford's Certified Pre-Owned Program

With inflation and a rise in the list of household expenses, many car enthusiasts in the last few years have resorted to buying second-hand cars. However, purchasing a used car can also be a gamble if you buy it from an unreliable source. Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program is a brilliant initiative to help people buy good quality cars at an optimal price.

What cars qualify to be in the Ford CPO program?

Cars not older than 6 years are eligible to be a part of the Ford CPO program. In addition to this, the vehicle should not have crossed the 80,000 miles limit.

How does Ford select cars for their CPO program?

These cars are selected in closed auctions. After acquiring a vehicle, the Ford dealership conducts an inspection that consists of 172 points. The car’s exteriors, interiors, engine, tires, etc. are all thoroughly checked before the vehicle is put out in the market.

The dealership also replaces wiper blades, engine oil, and other replaceable parts to give the car a new look and appeal.

How can customers be sure of the car’s performance?

While buying a Ford pre-owned certified car, customers also get a vehicle history report. This report contains information on the car’s previous owners, the vehicle’s maintenance history, and if the car was ever considered a total loss by an insurance company. These aspects can be helpful for customers to pick the right car for themselves.

Do pre-owned cars come with a warranty?

All Ford CPO cars come with a 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty that begins from the date of purchase. In addition to this, buyers can also benefit from Ford’s 24-hour roadside assistance, a $50 locksmith insurance, and other similar offers. You can get all of these benefits at a Ford Hialeah dealership.

To sum it up

Ford’s Certified Pre-Owner (CPO) program is a great opportunity for buyers to purchase a car at a lower price without compromising on performance and quality.

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Source: Ford