What Makes Ford F-150 Truck Owners So Loyal?

The Ford F-150 can be called the king of the pickup truck segment; such is its popularity. In fact, not just in the full-size pickup truck segment, the Ford F-150 is among the best-selling vehicles across the world. You will be surprised to learn about the broad buyer base this vehicle has. Individuals driving up to 5-star hotels drive it as casually as do fleet buyers looking to add a rugged pickup truck to their fleet. Why is it so popular? Let’s try to understand better below.

The Birth of the Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 was added to Ford’s lineup of pickup trucks around the late 1970s. It was released as an improvement on their F-100 pickup truck with better payload capacity. From 1980-1996, the Ford F-150 continued to effect updates and improvements on the model. You now had the Ford F-150 in diesel variants and auto-transmission options. Gradually, rear anti-lock brakes became standard on the Ford F-150. The Ford F-150 was the only pickup truck at the time to offer these. When the ninth generation of the Ford F-150 was released, a driver-side airbag was introduced. The styling had changed to display a smoother look by now. In the years following, as pickup trucks grew in popularity among Americans, the pickup truck fashioned itself in a design similar to passenger cars. More engine options were made available. So now Ford F-150 customers could choose from Ford’s modular 4.6l or 5.8l V8 engines. Four Wheel Drive was also offered as a facility. 

In 2012, the Ford F-150 began offering All Wheel Drive Option. Infotainment features such as Bluetooth, SYNC voice control, and more had already been added. In more recent years, the Ford F-150 could tow up to 11,300 pounds while maintaining its Top Safety Pick Rating received from IIHS crash testing. Ford also improved fuel economy on its F-150 by updating the pickup truck’s body with aluminum, designed to cut down its weight.

Still Wondering Why Ford-150 Owners are Loyal?

Few pickup trucks can match up to the performance and payload capacity of the Ford F-150. It is no wonder that Ford F-150 users are so loyal to this truck model. If you’re looking for a Ford F-150 Miami dealership, visit our Gus Machado Ford showroom at Hialeah, FL. Gus Machado FL-Hialeah near Medley, West Little River, and Miami Springs is among the best Florida Ford dealers you could find.

Source: Ford