How Does the Ford F-150 MPG Compare to Other Ford Vehicles?

Ford has been doing an amazing job in the full-size pickup truck sector, either surpassing or being at par with General Motors and Ram. There are quite a few pickup trucks from Ford that have established the automaker even more strongly in the industry. But, Ford F-150 MPG is somehow rising to the top of the ranks. Let’s make a quick comparison between this pickup truck and two other popular offerings from the legendary auto giant:

Ford F-150 MPG vs. Ford Edge

The Ford F-150 MPG is a modern full-size pickup truck that also plays the role of a grocery-getter, commuter car, shuttle bus, and long road tripper. It can haul anything and everything you need. The design of the truck exudes confidence without being overbearing like most other trucks. Under the hood of the Ford F-150 MPG, five powertrain and two transmission options. With the proper equipment, the Ford F-150 MPG can tow up to 12,300 pounds—something that makes it the best for towing among other light-duty trucks.

On the other hand, the Ford Edge falls in the arena of Dodge Durango and Chevy Blazer, being a mid-size five-passenger crossover. Most Ford Edges come with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine (delivering 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque), a standard 8-speed automatic transmission, and an optional all-wheel-drive mode. 

Ford F-150 MPG vs. Ford Ranger

Compared to the Ford Ranger, the Ford F-150 MPG has a design that’s much better off. The blocky grille and clean lines on the body of the pickup truck give it an appealing, dashing look. Its styling clearly shows how pickup trucks can benefit by incorporating a design that’s not so inclined towards the trend of the times. 

On the other hand, the Ford Ranger’s styling is pretty distinct from the Ford F-150 MPG. It features swept headlights, muscular grille, and an excellent, highly-functional beltline. But when equipped well, the Ford Ranger is capable of towing up to 7,500 pounds and carry an extra 1,860 pounds. This is where it falls shy of the towing capability of the Ford F-150 MPG.

In conclusion, it would be apt to say the Ford F-150 MPG is a slightly more superior pickup truck compared to Edge and Ranger, especially when it comes to on-road performance and cargo hauling. You can know more about the Ford F-150 MPG by visiting Gus Machado Ford Hialeah in Hialeah, FL. We also serve customers from Medley, West Little River, and Miami Springs.

Source: Ford