Ford Buying and Leasing Financing Options

Ford understands that buying a car is a hefty decision that involves quite a lot of financial planning by the buyers. Keeping that in mind, it offers an array of financing options that can ease some of the financial pressure and pave the way for easy, hassle-free attainment of the Ford of your dreams. Thanks to these varied financing choices, driving home a Ford has never been easier. The following sections deep-dive into these different options.

Buying a Ford

When you buy a Ford, you get the option of either making a Standard Purchase or using Ford’s Flex Buy option. The former is applicable for both new and used vehicles and offers flexible payment conditions that you can easily apply online. The latter is relevant only for new cars and for a maximum of one term. Flex Buy charts a unique payment course for you, which solicits lower payments for some of the initial years.

As opposed to leasing, buying is the right fit for you if you like the idea of owning a vehicle of your own. Buying is also prudent if you commute long distances regularly since buying has no limit on miles.

Also, if you plan to keep your vehicle around for a couple of years and would like to personalize your ride, you are advised to buy a Ford. If you have the ability to plan for a big down payment, consider buying.

Leasing a Ford

It is an excellent idea to rent your Ford if your yearly mileage needs are not very high since leasing has a cap on miles. Also, if you like to drive the latest model and that too under warranty, then leasing is the way to go for you. Finally, if keeping the vehicle spick and span is not an issue for you, then lease away.

Ford’s Red-Carpet Lease provides flexible lease conditions and seven mileage options to choose from. Enviable terms are available, and at the end of this plan, you can either buy or lease a brand-new Ford, buy your leased Ford at a pre-planned price, or simply give back your leased vehicle.

Ford’s very own auto finance arm-Ford Credit can assist you in financing your new Ford. It offers a convenient way of finding a financing plan that works best for you.

Source: Ford