Top 5 Benefits of the CPO Program

The Ford CPO program offers customers valuable peace of mind. For many car buyers, a vehicle is a significant purchase. It transports you and your family in a safe manner. A vehicle takes you to work and back. It’s essentially your home away from home. Buying a used car carries many uncertainties with it, but luckily Ford’s CPO program offers many benefits.

Listed below, are the top five benefits of the Ford Miami FL CPO program:

1) Vehicles are thoroughly Inspected

Each Ford CPO vehicle must undergo a 172-point inspection. This examines four key areas of the Ford car. These are undercarriage, underhood, brakes, and tires.

2) Luxury Car is Affordable

Unlike a regular purchase, you can actually buy a luxury CPO vehicle. It will run nearly the same as a brand new luxury car of the same make and model, except that the former is more affordable. The insurance cost for the CPO vehicle will be far less than the new car.

3) Minimum Depreciation

As soon as you drive off the lot with your new car, it begins to depreciate in value. This is not the case with a Ford CPO car. In fact, CPO vehicles do not depreciate as rapidly in value.

4) CPO vehicles have a Warranty

Each CPO vehicle is backed with a comprehensive warranty that covers over 1,000 components for either 12 months or 12,000 miles. It covers areas such as the engine, front and rear-wheel drive, transmission, brakes, steering components, rear, and front suspension, etc. You will never get this type of warranty with a regularly used car purchase.

5) Peace of Mind

When you purchase a used vehicle from a private owner, you may need to engage in serious negotiation to get the price you want. You also don’t have any guarantee about how the vehicle will perform a few days or weeks after the purchase. With a Ford CPO car, performance is guaranteed. In case there are issues with your newly purchased CPO car, you can easily head back to your dealership.

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Source: Ford