Benefits of Buying Genuine OEM Ford Parts

Are you searching for genuine Ford parts in Miami? If so, at Gus Machado Hialeah, FL, we recommend buying genuine Ford OEM parts.

What are Genuine OEM Ford Parts?

These vehicle parts are from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, which in this case, is Ford. What this implies is all Ford vehicles feature parts that are specifically designed and manufactured by Ford and only for Ford vehicles. If you opt for aftermarket parts, you will get various parts made by other companies that can be compatible with nearly all models and makes. You won’t be guaranteed a good fit or long-lasting quality as you would with OEM parts from a good Ford dealership. 

Most aftermarket parts require additional cutting and fitting before they can be installed inside your Ford vehicle. In addition to engine parts, you can also purchase Ford OEM accessories, such as spoilers, floor mats, etc. As expected, these are made to fit inside your Ford model.

What are the Benefits of Buying Genuine OEM Ford Parts?

Even though aftermarket parts may seem very cheap at first, OEM parts from Ford parts dealers in Miami offer more benefits. These are:

  • Quality: OEM parts are manufactured using high-quality materials, with advanced technology and cutting-edge designs. There is no cost-cutting whatsoever.
  • Selection: OEM parts are made specifically for your Ford vehicle. They cannot fit into every other vehicle model or make. When you visit your Ford dealer Hialeah, the technician will ensure you get a genuine part that fits. This will also be noted in your Ford maintenance and repair records.
  • Performance: Did you know that Ford OEM parts can enhance your vehicle’s performance? Because OEM parts are made for an optimal fit, you can ensure your vehicle will work at its best.
  • Vehicle and Parts Warranty OEM parts and accessories are covered by a Ford warranty, whereas aftermarket parts are not. Keep in mind that if you have a new Ford vehicle, you may not install aftermarket parts as this would void the warranty.

For more information on Ford parts and accessories, visit the Gus Machado Ford Hialeah dealership in FL. Customers from West Little River, Medley, and Miami Springs are also welcome to this dealership. 

Source: Ford