Meet Gus Machado

Gus Machado came to the United States from his native Cuba at the age of 15. After having attended Edwards Military Institute in North Carolina and Greenville College, he began working for the Caterpillar Tractor Company in Illinois.

In 1956, Gus Machado decided to relocate to Miami. Having borrowed $2,000 from his father and $2,000 from personal savings he invested in a gas station on North Miami Avenue and 17th Street. Gradually, he began exporting used vehicles from this site to Cuba. The business continued to grow until 1960 when the political rift between Cuba and the U.S. ended business transactions between the two countries. Gus Machado overcame the disruption in the business by concentrating his efforts on the retail end of the industry. Sales to the increasing Latin community comprised primarily of Cuban exiles, resulted in consistent growth which led him to sell the gas station and with the proceeds purchased Star Motors, Inc. located at Le Jeune Road and N.W. 7th Street. It was here that commensurate with Miami's growth, the business and his personal wealth grew as well.

Over the next decade, Gus Machado established American Auto Sales, Big Trail Auto Sales, and G.M. Auto Export, exporting General Motors vehicles to Puerto Rico. After much success, Machado purchased Seipp Buick in 1982 and Johnson Ford in 1984, soon becoming the #1 Ford dealer in Dade county.

For the past seven consecutive years, Gus Machado Ford has achieved Blue Oval Certification status from Ford Motor Company. This represents a major accomplishment as it distinguishes Gus Machado Ford as a dealership that recognizes the importance of establishing high-level operating standards and demonstrates this ongoing commitment in its day to day operations. The Blue Oval “thumbprint” emblem represents the commitment of each one of Gus Machado Ford’s employees to provide his or her own brand of personal service. Since no two customers are alike, we strive to find unique ways to meet and exceed customer’s expectations.

In 2003 Gus Machado Ford achieved Ford Motor Company’s highest honor – being awarded the President’s Award. The Ford Motor Company President’s Award recognizes the top 450 among nearly 5000 Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships in the United States and Canada that have made a commitment to consistently deliver exceptional sales, service and vehicle ownership experiences to their customers.

Throughout the years, Gus Machado has dedicated his time, efforts, and financial support to his businesses and community. Due to his multiple charitable contributions, in 2008 he created the Gus Machado Family Foundation with the purpose of contributing to multiple charitable organizations and establishing a legacy to leave behind for his family and community.

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