Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles for Sale in Hialeah near Opa-locka

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Find a Certified Pre-Owned Ford for Sale in Hialeah at Gus Machado Ford

Ford vehicles feature a great deal of integrity. They'll last for many years in excellent condition, which makes them a great option if you're opting for a previously owned car, truck, or SUV. Purchasing something brand-new isn't ideal for everyone's budget. To provide an affordable vehicle with great coverage and reliability, Ford provided our dealership with the opportunity to certify vehicles as part of its CPO (certified pre-owned) program.

What is the Ford CPO Program?

When we get a previously owned Ford vehicle on our lot, we will determine what kind of condition it is in by way of a routine inspection. If we determine that the vehicle passes every inspection point, we will consider it for the CPO program. Over 100 different points on that vehicle must pass inspection before becoming certified by one of our technicians on behalf of Ford. We do provide maintenance and repairs for these vehicles as well.

Benefits of a CPO Vehicle in Hialeah

The sticker price of a certified pre-owned Ford model is going to be substantially lower than the brand-new version of that vehicle. You'll save a lot of money, but you're still getting a great deal of reliability out of your investment. Most of these CPO vehicles on our lot aren't more than a few years old, and they have minimal mileage on the odometer. Because of the inspection process we use for certification, you can rest assured that you're making a wise investment for your journeys around Opa-locka.

Reach out to our dealership near Miami if you would like to learn more about the certified pre-owned Ford models that we currently have available and the auto finance solutions that we offer. You can also check out our inventory online or stop by our dealership if you're in the area.