Customer loyalty undoubtedly deserves a reward, and Ford does all it can to reward customer loyalty with the FordPass Rewards. Whether youre looking for a Ford in Medley, West Little River, or Miami Springs, you would benefit from the FordPass Rewards system offered at Gus Machado Ford in Hialeah, FL, too. 

FordPass Rewards helps you earn points that can be redeemed for service and maintenance sessions or when you buy new Ford vehicles from a participating Ford dealership. To get started, you have to download the FordPass...continue reading

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular for environmental reasons, lower costs of maintenance, and fuel savings. However, there are expenses involved with setting up a charging station and fluctuating charging rates. These may have you considering leasing an EV instead. Here are some points you may find useful. 

Technology Enthusiasts

If you value technology and new innovations, perhaps leasing is a good option for you. Lease periods on electric vehicles are shorter, roughly two to four...continue reading

The Ford Mustang Mach-E not only marks the brands entrance into the electric world but is also the first new Mustang that the manufacturer added to its lineup in 55 years. Unlike its predecessors, the Mach-E is not a sports car; rather, it is an SUV and is a far cry from the Mustangs image of a muscle car.

Ford has planned for two versions of the Mach-E. The first will produce 332 horsepower and 417 lb of torque. The Mustang Mach-E GT, on the other hand, will be a high-performance version of the same,...continue reading

The FordPass Rewards system allows you to benefit from a variety of Ford offerings and incentives. 

With FordPass Rewards, you get to stock up on points that you can then redeem for various services, such as maintenance or buying/leasing a Ford vehicle at a participating dealership. What youll need to do to benefit from this is:

download the app (FordPass App) thats available for Android or iPhone devices, and

automatically become a FordPass Rewards member when you download the FordPass app 

The FordPass...continue reading

Ford vehicles offer great driving experience while allowing you to stay protected and entertained on the road, but they dont come without their own share of problems. If youre deciding whether or not to buy a Ford Expedition in Medley, West Little River, or Miami Springs, you may benefit from some insights about common issues in the Ford Expedition and how they can be dealt with. 

Engine Issues

The Ford Expedition could have engine performance snags, with the engine shutting...continue reading