Every buying expert in Hialeah will advise you not to buy a previously owned vehicle without obtaining and reading the CARFAX vehicle history report. Unless youre purchasing the car directly from a family member, a vehicle history report is the only way to know EVERYTHING about the cars past. With this report, you get a comprehensive snapshot of the vehicles value and condition. Over 20 factors are considered. They examine areas such as ownership and accident histories, servicing, etc.

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The new 2020 Ford Shelby Raptor has hit the streets. It turns the capable Ford Raptor into an extreme off-roader vehicle with several key enhancements done to the power, suspension, and styling of the truck. Let us take a look at the upgrades and features that make this the perfect vehicle for you.

Looking Under the Hood

With custom made cold air performance system for intake and tuning, the new Ford of 2020 is fed by the Performance EcoBoost Engine of Ford. This gives an amazing horsepower of 525+ to the twin-turbo...continue reading

Regular tire rotation increases the lifespan of your vehicle tires. Tire rotation involves swapping of tires depending on their positions. The rotation pattern depends on several factors including the type of tires and wheel drive.

Tire rotation must be performed according to the pattern specified in the owners manual. If you want a specialist to handle tire rotation for you, visit Gus Machado Ford Hialeah authorized service.

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The Ford F-150 is one of the worlds best-selling pickup trucks and in this post, well take a look at the differences between the trucks 2019 and 2020 editions. At Gus Machado Ford Hialeah near Miami Springs, West Little River, and Medley, you can see both editions and their various trims and pick the one that suits your budget and trucking requirements the best. 

What is different and what has stayed the same?

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A lot of people find themselves at a crossroads when they are in need of a new car. Should they make it a short-term investment and lease a vehicle, or should they go all out and buy a car? Aside from the obvious financial aspect of making such a decision, other factors like personal preference, driving needs, and lifestyle also have to be kept in mind. There are benefits to both leasing and buying a new car, but which one is better suited for you? Lets find out.

Buying vs. Leasing

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