If youve ever taken your vehicle for an oil change, you will have noticed that synthetic oil is offered for a higher price than conventional oil. Were sure this must have left you confused, wondering why. We try to shed light on this in this article. After all, car maintenance is a periodic affair and you will soon need to have another oil change performed for your vehicle. You should be ready with more awareness then, helping you make the right oil change choice when it comes to maintaining...continue reading

The Ford F-150 can be called the king of the pickup truck segment; such is its popularity. In fact, not just in the full-size pickup truck segment, the Ford F-150 is among the best-selling vehicles across the world. You will be surprised to learn about the broad buyer base this vehicle has. Individuals driving up to 5-star hotels drive it as casually as do fleet buyers looking to add a rugged pickup truck to their fleet. Why is it so popular? Lets try to understand better below.

The Birth of the Ford F-150

The...continue reading

You need to service your car from time to time to keep it working optimally. Regular car usage subjects your vehicle to wear and tear caused by the weather and other environmental factors. Your car might need an oil change, a fresh coat of paint, or lubrication of its engine parts. Periodic maintenance of your car will extend its lifetime. But how often should you really have your vehicle serviced? Usually, the factory-recommended maintenance schedule handed over to you during your car purchase should give you...continue reading

The 2020 Ford Fusion entered the market with several unique trims. If youre looking to buy the 2020 Ford Fusion, you will naturally want to purchase the trim most suited to your lifestyle. In this article, we present a comparison between the Ford Fusion SE and the Ford Fusion SEL trim variants. 

2020 Ford Fusion SE vs 2020 Ford Fusion SEL

Below we discuss the specifications of the two 2020 Ford Fusion trims.

2020 Ford Fusion SE is a comfortable Ford Fusion trim, which steps its facilities up from the basic S...continue reading

Customer loyalty undoubtedly deserves a reward, and Ford does all it can to reward customer loyalty with the FordPass Rewards. Whether youre looking for a Ford in Medley, West Little River, or Miami Springs, you would benefit from the FordPass Rewards system offered at Gus Machado Ford in Hialeah, FL, too. 

FordPass Rewards helps you earn points that can be redeemed for service and maintenance sessions or when you buy new Ford vehicles from a participating Ford dealership. To get started, you have to download the FordPass...continue reading